Wednesday, July 29, 2009

One Organized Bitch

That's me.

I may be feeling blah about things lately, but my damn fridge and two freezers are fucking organized. I also cleaned upstairs yesterday - scrub-a-dub, scrub-a-dub, scrub-a-dub-dub! That's Butter's song. He loves to help me clean. And with that new Swiffer Dust Mop thing, sheesh, it's a breeze. I know it doesn't work for all people, but ya know what I say about that?

Too fucking bad, my brothers and sisters. I live by this sucker. I dust-mop and sweep every day now. I wet mop every other day. I don't care about buying those single-use wet and dry moppity thingies either. To hell with that. I found $2 coupons for 'em.

And now. On to my freezer.

I bought about sixth month's worth of beef, chicken, and seafood the other day; all single-serving packages - ya know air-tight and shit. Pack Mule, who has worked in the restaurant industry since they invented dirt told me I made a good deal and that the meats and seafood are high-quality.

Here's the beef and chicken. I even organized the veggies in this freezer with 'em. The stand-alone freezer holds all of the soy products as well as seafood. To say I am proud is an understatement.

I started a food blog the other day and have been adding to it little by little.

I need some feedback - if you were looking at a food blog would you prefer one with recipes using some prepared products, everything homemade, or a mixed bag of both. Do tell. As I get more recipes up there, I'll share the linkage.


Big Pissy said...

Mixed bag of both! :)


ohh, looks good...i love it when my refrigerator and freezer are cleaned and organized...
i go to and get lots of i can google 'great pasta recipes' or 'easy chinese recipes' and they pop going to make okra fritters pooped...

Melissa said...

Mixed bag!
And, as someone who is allergic to about everything one can be allergic to, I am glad to hear that you have your freezers sorted by products - I can come eat at your house without worrying about cross contamination! :D

amber said...

Mixed bag, por favor. Can't wait to see the new food blog. :)

I so so so need to organize my freezer. Maybe after this weekend's party when most of the food is cleared out. Ha!

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