Friday, April 9, 2010

Off to the Doctor Again

This time it's not me. Please say a little prayer for my neighbor, Susie. She's 66 years old - same age as my Mom. Yet, I never see her as that age because she's always out and about, walking her two weenie dogs, shuttling her grandkids, taking care of her elderly mom who lives with her.

She take the time to say good morning to the kid and me when we're getting into the jalopy each morning on our way to school. She plays with our dog, Ranger, in the yard while we're at work so that he doesn't get lonely. The whole nine yards. I love this woman.

Last week, while shopping, she fell inside a store, breaking her humerus and dislocating her shoulder. They had to knock her out in order to get the shoulder back in. The break? They don't put a cast on it. You just have to wear a sling until it heals and deal with the pain. While doing a scan in the ER, they found that she has an enlarged aorta. It's not good.

You have surgery to correct this, and it's not a pretty surgery, either.

We cancelled out trip to Williamsburg so we could keep an eye on her and her mom. I wouldn't have been able to ride any of the rides with my shoulder back in my sling anyway. I'm taking her to the doctor today to see about the aorta issue.

So send up a prayer, light a candle, push some white light Susie's way. She's good people. No two ways about it.

On a good note - those of you who aren't Facebooking along with my addicted ass need to hear a good vignette:

Last night, we had a thunderstorm here. The rumbling was greatness. I heard one particular boomer followed by my kid yelling, "Good job, Grandpa!" We have this understanding that thunder is nothing to be afraid of because it's just Grandpa whacking some golf balls up in heaven. I wasn't in the same room, hadn't been talking about him - nothing. Knowing that my kid, who's never met my Dad, has that connection made me feel amazing.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Double Down? Or Upchuck?

Oh KFC, why would you make something this vile? Really? The fried chicken is the "bread?"

Readers, let take note of a few things here:

  1. I am a big girl and have always reserved my right to speaketh the truth regarding big peeps since I am one of them. Like it or lump it.
  2. You DO realize that some big peeps are going to see this as "low-carb" eating a la South Beach or Atkins.
  3. Really. #2. Reallllllly.
  4. Double Down? That's what KFC named this behemoth? It sounds like a lame-o porn name. I'm just saying.
  5. The picture above? It packs 540 calories and 32 fucking grams of fat.
  6. As much as I damn love me some friend chicken, I really only eat it two times or less a year.
  7. This sandwich would make me puke. I don't think I'd make it out of the parking lot before upchucking the Down Down.

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