Sunday, November 8, 2009

Ahhh All That is Beauty

Thought I'd suck your ass in with this on. I guess in a manner of speaking, this IS a beauty, but I want it to be someone else's beauty.

Dr. Quack who said I was bruised and needed to exercise my shoulder should be shot at a firing line. I should be the one with the pistola.

I went to see the competent doctor yesterday and was shown how my cuff is not only torn but has a fucking hole in it. A bone PUNCTURED it. Yeah.

1. I felt pissed and scared all at the same time because now I know there will be more hoops through which I will have to jump in order to get this covered by workman's comp.
2. And relieved because I was beginning to think I was Miss Hypochondriac in a Sling. It's been almost a freaking month that I've been walking around in this thing, and I've started to feel like a freak show.

I will find out when the surgery is tomorrow. The surgical office through which my surgeon works was closed on Saturday. I'm looking at about three weeks out of work, three months in a sling, and physical therapy to get back to a semi-normal condition.

I didn't tell the good doctor that I'd seen the bad one until yesterday. After he went through he MRI results with me and explained that there was no other way to attempt to fix my shoulder, I enlightened him. I explained how the idiot had told me that I merely had a bruise and needed to exercise the shoulder to gain my mobility back. The good doctor's face got all red and puffy. I almost cracked up.

I think what he was feeling was what good teachers feel when people tell them about BAD teachers. We're sorta lumped into the same category no matter how good or bad, ya know?

He told me it was ridiculous, that I still need to be in the sling, that surgery is the only option, and that it doesn't really matter what the idiot said, I will get the care that I need.

You said it, mister.

And off to make my appointment with the superintendent to ask her how she's going to fix THIS.


Big Pissy said...

Oh no!!!!!!

I'm sorry. :(

But finally you know what it is and that it can be fixed.

Can't wait to hear about your talk with the superintendent. ;-)


oh no..that's ugly...and i'd bip the shit out of the other you need me to come down and help?

amber said...

Holy crap! That is horrible!! I'm glad you finally got a correct diagnosis, but am so so sorry that you're still going to have to fight over this and that another surgery is in order on top of that. :( :(

Fragrant Liar said...

Yikes! Hurts to look at that pic. Hope you get that taken care of ASAP.

Not Afraid to Use It said...

Dude! I need an update! I hope Dr. Quack gets a letter in his permanent file, and it has a big photo of you in it. :)

Curly Glamour Girlie said...

Eeek. That looks like it doesn't tickle. Hope they get their act together and get you better soon.

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