Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Irony at Work in the World Today

So I have made myself scarce during hall duty so that no one bumps into me.

I've been careful to give kids wide berth even inside my own classroom.

All to no avail.

I waited until the first load of bus kids were dismissed today before walking out of the library with the remainder of my kids and going downstairs to my classroom. I didn't make it any farther than the lobby when an exchange student decided to dance backward and ram into my freaking shoulder with his freaking backpack.

Yeah. Thanks for fucking nothing. And the adult who watched the whole thing and did nothing? You're worthless.

I am icing my shoulder and will take a nice pill in a moment.

And will be seeing my surgeon on Friday. Cannot wait.

So much for being fucking careful.


Honib1 said...

well hopefully the pt gods are on your side... and you did little to know damage.. and are past the initial healing phase.. although I know it does not feel like it.. Is your shoulder slinged.. manytimes people need visual clues to remind them not to touch even with the best intentions... I wonder if slinging or having the foam block under your arm might not be a bad idea during the first couple weeks back.. ITS A HUGE PAIN AND BULKY but i have seen folks with it at PT and no someone one who is recovering from shoulder surgery too and uses this block sling thing.. in any respect I hope you feel okay and glad you are back to blogging.. ME TOO>.. and I started WW online yesterday..


maybe you need to hang a sign around your neck saying 'banged up arm..becareful'...or stay home..i worry about you..

amber said...

:( Hang in there.

Not Afraid To Use It said...

Or put a big radioactive sign on your arm. That, and you should have kicked that shit out of that adult. I am so sorry all this has been going down. I hope retribution comes your way. And soon.

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