Sunday, September 27, 2009

And I Quote

One of the best quotes from this week in school, aka The City of Beasts, is from a kid in the 8th grade. I'd never met him before and took him off someone's hands after he was so disruptive in her class that he had to be referred to the office.

I was up there when the referral came in and told the Assistant Boss Lady that I'd take whoever it was since ISS was full of kids and the possibility of getting a hold of the kid's parents was unlikely. (As an aside, get this - with all the shit that's been going down, when we call parents, they REFUSE to pick up their kids. Yeah. What the fuck?)

So the kid's brought to my room which is already filled with 8th graders as I now teach both 6th AND 8th grades. I seated him and told him there was NO WAY he would even consider holding a desk over his head in MY room as he had been doing in his other classroom. I made no bones about it and pointed out several large boys in the room who would beat him down if he acted like a nitwit.

During one of the group activities, I walked past where he was sitting. He asked to see the tattoo on my ankle. I threw my foot on his seat and let him take a gander. He pulled my capris UP looking "for the rest of it." Ha ha ha. He thought I had some sort of leg piece going on.

He then shared one of HIS tattoos. Yes. He has more than one. The one he pointed out was his mom's name on his forearm.

Not five minutes later he said, "Ya know what? I think a neck piece would look good on you! You need to get one."

And he was serious.
And a discussion ensued among the other tattooed children in my room.
And pictures and words were thrown about in an effort to "help" me choose my neck piece.

And then I threw a bucket of cold-ass water on their plans when I explained that neck pieces were frowned upon by higher-ups in education.

That pissed 'em off. They wanted to know who they could speak with to "plead my case."

It was then that I had to tell them that I would NEVER be putting something on my neck. I did temper the news by telling them I'd probably get a tramp stamp though.

But I didn't say tramp.


Curly Glamour Girlie said...

I like how they wanted to plead your case so you could get a neck piece.

*sigh* out of the mouths of babes.


who gives 8th grade kids tattoos?..holy shit..I wouldn't even let my kids have pierced ears till they were 14...and no one got a tattoo while they lived at home..
holy shit....

So Not Wishy Washy said...

Jac, I have some serious gang activity at my school. We're talking old school, get-a-pen-and-a-needle homemade jobs here.

Some of the kids are COVERED in them. No joke.

I made a deal with two Bloods in one of my classes:

"Leave the gang stuff outside of my realm, and I'll make sure that I do whatever it takes to help you pass and get out of 8th grade."

They took my offer with smiles. I hope it lasts. I dig the two kids.

bosslady said...

Maybe we can get some tattoo questions added to the SOL tests this year! A reading selection based in a tattoo parlor or persuasive prompt about why tattoos should be visible to all at school??? Hmm I see increased scores all around!

Not Afraid to Use It said...

You are so fucking amazing. The fact that you jumped in and offered to take the kids instead of sighing and quietly thinking Thank god he's not my problem. From teacher to teacher, I love you.

susan said...

you need to move by "Pleasantville"......ha ha ha. You will get a taste of it this week, maybe....

CPA Mom said...

reading about the gangs and such makes me want to keep my kids in private school all the more. you are scaring the life out of me.

Big Pissy said...

I don't know how you do it.

I really don't.

Lil'Sis said...

You are NOT getting a TRAMP STAMP...that's all I have to say about that.

amber said...

This whole post had me rolling. I love the kids pleading their case for you to get a neck piece.

Wien. said...

You have what it takes to change these children's lives. I can't give you enough credit for your patience and ability to touch these kids. You might be the only one in their lives that actually cares. I'm willing to bet they will never forget you.


Melissa said...

You amaze me lady! Even though you wouldn't ever get a neck tattoo - maybe you could turn this into a lesson plan? I remember in 8th grade having to write a persuasive speech or essay...If it's something that they're passionate about, why stop them?

Good luck with it all! Teachers like you are rare and very under appreciated at the time, but never forgotten later in life!

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