Friday, September 25, 2009

I Got...


The year has been SOMETHING. So far, September's had chairs thrown in class, desks on top of kids' heads, colors being worn in class, gang signs being thrown anywhere, fights galore.

Add to that - numerous paperwork minutia, meetings, meetings, meetings, phone calls, conferences, more paperwork.

And knowing that I will never see the $9,000 raise I was SUPPOSED to get this year before the district went into an "economic crisis." I worked this long for nothing. No cost-of-living increase. NOTHING. And I will never see that 9 grand either. Ever. Mark my words. I'm glad I've been able to help those in central office balance the budget.


CPA Mom said...

I'm sorry. I didn't get a raise this year either. Kind of killed my motivation.

Does your sis' know anything about VB schools or just Ches.?


well that sucks bites and blows...

Wien. said...

We teach because we love the children. We do community service. We are not there to punch a time clock for the big bucks. We are suckers for our children and for the the little hope that is left for the future. Both their future and the future they will someday be responsible for providing for our sorry old teacher selves.

And they have no idea...How frustrating is that?

amber said...

:/ My two besties are teachers and my heart is breaking for them and for you. I really hope that this economic tailspin gets righted soon and those of you who are doing God's work teaching our youth get the compensation you deserve.

cadbury_vw said...


sorry it sucks

i know it sounds trite

it's not meant to be. i've been on the receiving end of zero too

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