Tuesday, September 1, 2009


While I love the color green, for the time being it will only evoke a very fresh memory from my family.

The other night, I was getting Butter into the shower. He was chewing gum, and without being prompted, bent over the bathroom trashcan as if to spit it out. I was proud; beaming even. What kid willingly spits out gum?

Then I was kicked in my proverbial balls when I realized the green was not in fact gum; he's been chewing the cud that was formerly known as the PEAS I served for dinner for at least 15 minutes.

Just waiting.
For an opportunity to SPIT THEM OUT rather than swallow them.

And couldn't understand my disbelief and sputtering words.

I believe this is what we call "premeditation."

I am so fucked when he gets older.


Honib1 said...

OH MY GOD I LOVE THAT BOY..hey at least he did not do that at dinner on his plate..

amber said...

Where is the 'jaw on the ground' icon when I need it? That little stinker!

Big Pissy said...

LOL! All I can do is laugh!


that's my boy..when I was a kid girls wore socks with their sandals and when we'd have peas I would slip them off my plate and stuff them into my socks when no one was looking and then excuse myself to go to the bathroom and toss them out the window off the roof....not knowing they would roll off the roof and land right on the front steps to the porch.sigh* got busted...no kid likes peas..expecially canned peas..frozen ones aren't so bad, but they'll go down better with a roue..like a gravy...

Lara said...


What a waste of my favorite veggie. I absolutely adore peas (except the canned ones, but those aren't really peas... heck they aren't even really food of any kind.)

terry said...

i hated peas when i was little, and they were the source of many dinner time battles - you know, the old "you can't leave the table until you clean your plate." so i'd still be at the table well over an hour after after everyone else was finished, with a bunch of ice-cold canned peas on my plate. blech.

no wonder i'm chubby.

anyway. all was well once i learned how to swallow pills, because that's how i consumed peas from then on out...!!

Melissa said...

LOL My aunt when she was young hated eggs. She loved school though. My grandmother would make her eggs for breakfast every morning and tell her "You can't go to school till you finish your eggs."

So Donna would put the eggs in her mouth, under the tongue, stuffed in the cheeks and off to school she'd go.

My mom caught her at school at LUNCH TIME spitting the eggs out so that she could eat her lunch. Silly girl held them in her mouth for HOURS because she didn't like them...

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